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In today’s connected world, market and technological trends are more dynamic than ever. To be successful, you must boldly embrace opportunities to transform your business. When you diversify at pace and extend applications from your equipment, you can better respond to your customers’ evolving needs, drive profits and create a sustainable business. 
At Ricoh, transformational innovation (we call it Henkaku) is in our DNA. We’ve been empowering print’s digital transformation for years, building on our understanding of fundamental shifts in the sector and our customers’ businesses. We provide solutions including hardware, software and services that help you evolve, digitalise and create a sustainable competitive advantage.
Whether you’re a large commercial printer, enterprise print room, or if printing forms one component of your manufacturing process, we build on your knowledge of your business. Through our understanding of how digital technology can enable your success, we aim to unlock new growth opportunities that can pave the way to a bright, profitable future.

The volume of digital vs analogue print output will double by 2030.

Ricoh Graphic Communications deliver digital production printing solutions that power your business for tomorrow.
As most commercial and industrial printers are experiencing, the market shift from offset to digital print production is accelerating year on year. According to Caslon, analogue print volumes will decline by more than 2% per year until 2030, while digital output is predicted to grow by 4.6%. Isolating digital colour, Caslon expects a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the period of nearly 10%. 
Transitioning from analogue to digital processes is no easy undertaking. Deciding on new equipment, and the complexity of integrating it into existing manufacturing processes, can be daunting. The question you may face is how to transition your business physically and financially in a way that’s sustainable and best serves your customers.

Helping printing companies make the transition
At Ricoh, we make it our business to help our customers transition to digital printing. We are proud experts in the digital printing process and digital integration, with the expertise to also support you on the business side. We can help you deliver more sustainable, cost-effective choices to your customers – because that benefits both them and you. 
We also support you on a more fundamental level, considering the workflow for every print job in the business; we find ways to expedite your production processes to maximise how they contribute to your objectives. We can also train your staff to ensure they embrace best practices to help optimise and strengthen your business over the long term.

Areas where we excel

Commercial Printing


Long-term partnership and unparalleled expertise

We’re committed to meeting the long-term needs of all types of commercial printers, including general commercial printers, direct mail specialists, book printers and transactional printers. Serving over 7,000 customers across EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), we offer best-of-breed hardware and software solutions together with class-leading technical business development and expertise to unleash your commercial printing success.
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Print Room


Build a print room to adapt to new ways of working

In a changing world, organisations are seeing the value that print rooms, or Central Reprographics Departments (CRD), can bring to business-critical processes. To future-proof your operation, it has become essential to adopt digital document services, address the needs of remote workers and effectively handle mail and customer communications.
With a team of industry specialists and an award-winning portfolio, Ricoh will help you accelerate the transformation of your print room into a centre of communications. In addition to handling the growth in marketing and promotional print, we manage blended communications across paper and digital formats.
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Industrial Printing


Many industrial printers are facing a range of challenges

Supply chains are long and unreliable, stocking can be expensive, and the proper disposal of waste can be complex and costly. To simplify and save, many industrial printers are looking for printing solutions that can fulfil their orders at the right quantity and quality at the right time, every time.   
At Ricoh, we’re helping printers achieve this by taking an end-to-end approach to industrial printing. Offering a range of class leading innovative hardware and software solutions, including print on demand applications, manufacturing applications and expertise within automation and integrated industrial processes, we can customise a solution to the exact needs of your manufacturing line. 
We have decades of experience in print heads for industrial printing and skills in all ink technologies, so we can help match any substrate to the right ink, print head and software. And our integration experts ensure your printing process is fully optimised to meet the most demanding production line requirements.
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